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James MacArthur
25 March 1946 The New York Times "Playwright Forgets, Stirs Search for Son
20 June 1949 Time Magazine "Family Circles"
October 1950 Good Cooking "Home Comes First with Helen Hayes"
August 1954 Life Magazine "Summer Night's Surprise"
16 January 1956 Life Magazine "A Grand Night for Helen"
February 1956 TV Fan "He Came Through with Talent"
February 1956 McCall's Magazine "Meet My Helen Hayes"
James MacArthur, Helen Hayes
May 1956 The Scribe, Solebury School, New Hope Pennsylvania
1957 Young Movie Lovers "Stars Who Have An Inside Track"
January 1957 Photoplay "Heritage of Love"
March 1957 TV Star Parade "Helen Hayes' Pride and Joy"
April 1957 Motion Picture "Summer Star - Winter Scholar" James MacArthur
April 1957 Life Magazine "In a Star's Steps"
May 1957 Movie Stars Parade "James MacArthur - No Stranger to Love or Tears"
May 1957 TV Star Parade "Jamie's No Problem"
James MacArthur
Summer 1957 "Hollywood to Harvard" (pictorial essay)
Summer 1957 Movie Teen Illustrated "Young Jimmy"
June 1957 Teen Life "A Conversation with James MacArthur"
June 1957 Teenage Review "Jim MacArthur Talks to You"
July 1957 Motion Picture "The Making of MacArthur"
July 1957 Teenage Review "Publisher's Report"
July 1957 Teenage Review "Jim MacArthur Interviews Bob Wagner"
August 1957 Personalities "My Summer in Hollywood"
Fall 1957 Movie Teen Illustrated "Why Girls Flip Over Jim MacArthur" James MacArthur, Helen Hayes
September 1957 TV Movie Fan "Is James MacArthur the New Dean?"
October 1957 Stardust "Hollywood Young Males: James MacArthur"
October 1957 Hollywood Stars "Teenage Triple-Threat"
October 1957 Compact: The Young People's Digest "James MacArthur: Is He Starting Something?"
James MacArthur October 1957 Family Circle "What Teenagers Expect from Parents"
October 1957 TV and Movie Screen "James MacArthur: All American Kid"
18 March 1958 The Evening Bulletin "Around the Dials: James MacArthur Wins Laurels in TV Drama (Tongues of Angels)"
18 March 1958 Philadelphia Enquirer "Mute Drama Stirring (Tongues of Angels)"
20 March 1958 The Baltimore Sun "Look and Listen (Tongues of Angels)"
James MacArthur April 1958 Photoplay "Why I Quit School"
4 June 1958 Variety "Tele Review: Studio One - Ticket to Tahiti"
July 1958 Screen Stories "There's Going to Be a Racket!"
September 1958 Esquire Magazine for Men "New Directions on Campus"
November 1958 Movie Life "Yes, I will go steady"
December 1958 "Christmas with Ed Sullivan" (book excerpt)
1958 Modern Screen's Hollywood Yearbook "Don't Try to Tell Them They're Too Young"
1958 Silver Screen Annual "Hollywood's Newest Stars"
James MacArthur, Joyce Bulifant
1959 "Honeymoon Delayed"
February 1959 Cine Album
February 1959 TV World "On My Own"
March 1959 Motion Picture "The Wedding's Fine ... Come on In!"
James MacArthur, Joyce Bulifant
April 1959 Compact: The Teen Digest "The Courtship of James MacArthur"
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21 May 1960 Picture Show and TV Mirror "James MacArthur: Star Who Does Without Doubles"
25 Sep 1960 The Dallas Morning News "Do Stars Help or Hinder Their Kids?"
Nov 1960 - Jan 1961 Screen Album "Becoming a Father"
December 1960 Films and Filming "Creating an Illusion"
1961 Preview "Two Innocents in London"
February 1962 Good Housekeeping "My Mother, Helen Hayes"
15 June 1963 The Independent Film Journal "Jackson Hole Welcomes Nation's Press. Wyoming Dedicates Spencer's Mountain; Warners Hosts Junket"
James MacArthur, Joyce Bulifant
September 1963 Hollywood Screen Parade "My Mother Tried Psychology on Me -- Once"
27 September 1963 TV Guide "A Submarine's Great Adventure"
February 1965 TV Star Parade "The Night I Said Yes"
Spring 1965 "At Home with James MacArthur"
James MacArthur 13 May 1965 CINEavance "James MacArthur: Is He the Perfect Young Man?"
14 February 1968 Daily Variety "James MacArthur Recounts Reaction Under Fire on 'Handshake' Vietrek"
July 1969 TV Star Parade "Just Between Us"
13 July 1969 TVue "Helen Hayes' Boy Becomes His Own Man"
August 1969 Photoplay "Teaching Children Hard Reality"
October 1969 Coronet "The Most Maddening Thing About the Opposite Sex"
James MacArthur
November 1969 TV Radio Show "James MacArthur: How He Faces the Problems of a Divorced Father"
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17 April 1970 Ohio Plain Dealer TV Week "Bachelor in Questionable Paradise"
May 1970 Gun World "Guest Shot with James MacArthur"
October 1970 Photo Screen "The Strangest Wedding of the Year!"
October 1970 Photoplay "Marriage on the Rocks" James MacArthur, Melody Patterson
October 1970 TV Picture Life "James MacArthur: How He Found a Woman Who Wants His Babies!"
November 1970 TV Star Parade "Marriage Hawaiian Style"
November 1970 TV Radio Talk "Jim and Melody: Their Hawaiian Dream Wedding"
James MacArthur November 1970 Movieland and TV Time "The Most Romantic Wedding of the Year"
March 1971 TV Radio Talk "James MacArthur's Honeymoon House for Four (And More?)"
June 1971 Photoplay "Helen Hayes Discusses: How We Taught Our Son to Love"
September 1971 TV Star Parade "Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. MacArthur
27 September 1971 Bravo "I play second fiddle to Jack Lord"
September 1971 TV Radio Show "James and Melody MacArthur - How They Faced the Problems of a Second Wife!"
October 1971 TV Picture Life "James MacArthur's Rendezvous with Death!" James MacArthur, Charlie MacArthur, Melody Patterson
November 1971 Modern Screen "James and MacArthur: How a Divorced Dad and His New Wife Make the Most of His Kids!"
December 1971 Stars and Stripes "Hawaii 5-0's MacArthur on the Road"
December 1971 Photoplay "Lord & MacArthur: Working Together & Keeping Apart"
1972 The Television Scene "An Actor Views Hawaii"
James MacArthur, Zulu 19 March 1972 TVue "James MacArthur Goes Ga-Ga Over Hawaii"
July 1972 Modern Screen "Cooking With A Star"
May 1973 TV Picture Life "How MacArthur Keeps His Private Army in Top Form!"
June 1973 TV Radio Mirror "Hawaii Five-O's Invisible Men"
22 September 1973 TV Guide "Hawaii's Happy Almond"
August 1975 TV Radio Mirror "Stars Speak Out on Adopting Viet Nam Orphans" James MacArthur
6 December 1975 TV Week "Danny Makes It On His Own"
27 December 1975 TV News "Family Affair"
18-24 June 1976 Hong Kong TV Times "MacArthur's Movable Feast: Going First Class All the Way"
22 July 1976 Cine Review "James MacArthur: A Happy Prisoner of the Triumph of Hawaii Five-O"
1977 The National Enquirer "TV Needs More Violence"
April 1978 Bon Appetit "A Bachelor Barbecue Hawaiian Style"
9 July 1978 The News American Weekly TV Magazine "He Keeps Returning"
5 June 1979 The National Enquirer "Whirlwind Jet-Set Romance for 'Hawaii Five-O' Star"
James MacArthur
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February 1980 Rona Barrett's Hollywood
May 1983 Disney Channel Magazine "The Scheme of Things"
January 1984 Playboy Magazine "Father Knows Best"
29 January 1984 The Washington Post Travel Section "The Hidden Hawaii: Favorites of James MacArthur"
21 June 1984 "Big day for Grand Bend: Helen Hayes and son a real drawing card"
12 July 1987 Amarillo Sunday News-Globe "Acting comes naturally to MacArthur"
12 July 1987 Amarillo Sunday News-Globe "Honed Humor in Foreigner"
9 September 1987 Midweek Magazine "Destined to Be 'Danno' Forever"
James MacArthur
November 1991 TV Times "Danno Brought to Book"
7 November 1993 Rockland Journal-News "James MacArthur Says Goodbye to His Old Home"
November 1995 Honolulu Magazine "Book Off, McGarrett!"
December 1995 Vanity Fair "All-Time, All-Star TV Hall of Fame: The Detectives" (pictorial essay)
June 1997 Biography Magazine "Where Are They Now?"
11 October 1997 Hello! Magazine "Hawaii Five-O's Danno Returns" James MacArthur
8 November 1997 Le Lundi "Hawaii Five-O: 18 Years Later"
December 1999 The Star "Book 'Em Danno Shows Off His New Life"
10 February 2002 The Desert Sun "Actor James MacArthur Wins Sinatra Invitational"
James MacArthur
7 May 2002 The Los Angeles Times "Four Beloved Live-Action Disney Films Now on DVD"
29 May 2002 Delaware Wave "Hawaii Five-O Star Stops at Dagsboro"
23 November 2002 Honolulu Star-Bulletin "James 'Danno' MacArthur Lives Quiet Existence in Palm Desert"
28 November 2002 Desert Post Weekly "Kids Lit: Teaching the teachers how to choose kids books"
30 January 2003 Warren Tribune Chronicle "One Actor, Two Counties"
4 February 2003 Ashtabula Star Beacon "Actor Enjoys Reading, Even While Pumping Gas" James MacArthur
5 February 2003 Warren Tribune Chronicle "Actor sheds light on early role in movie"
5 February 2003 Youngstown Vindicator "Actor MacArthur Shares Memories of Work, Family
18 April 2003 Honolulu Advertiser "Danno Returns for 'Dirty Laundry' Cameo"
24 April 2003 Honolulu Star-Bulletin "Joe Moore's 'Dirty Laundry'"
1 June 2003 Honolulu News "'Dirty Laundry' Meets Mediocre Minds"
5 November 2003 Honolulu Star-Bulletin "The Hawaii International Film Festival Books 'Danno' a Place in Entertainment History"
Spring 2004 Merrill Lynch Advisor "Aloha, Hawaii — How Hawaii Five-O's James MacArthur found help booking a secure financial future"
9 February 2005 Honolulu Weekly "Book 'Em"
11 February 2005 Honolulu Advertiser "Stepping Back Into the 'Twentieth Century' Scene"

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