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Invitation to a March

Colonial Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts (10-24 October 1960)

Appearing as Aaron Jablonski

A play by Arthur Laurents.

Synopsis by curator@jmdigitalscrapbook.com:

Norma Brown is everything a proper young society girl should be: obedient, quiet, malleable, and undemanding. She's betrothed to Schuyler Grogran, scion of a wealthy local family. Everything about her life is perfect -- or is it?

Norma can't seem to feel the same joy and satisfaction that her parents, Schuyler, and his family all feel. In fact, she can't seem to feel much of anything. She's little more than a somnambulist, dreaming her way through a life scripted by somebody else and over which she appears to have no control whatsoever. Could it have anything to do with handsome Aaron Jablonski and his unorthodox, wacky mother, Camilla?

Certainly not. Norma and Schuyler's people are the right kind of people -- Camilla and her son are anything but. He's uncouth and outspoken. She's an unconventional free spirit who bore a child out of wedlock. Furthermore, they actually live year-round on an island any civilized person knows is only suitable as a summer retreat.

Will Norma learn that sometimes true happiness can only be achieved by marching to the music of a different drummer or will her oppressive upbringing keep her from finding the courage to take a chance?

Critically acclaimed and often reprised, this play is well crafted and beautifully executed. It marked the first time prolific composer Steven Sondheim's work was heard on the Broadway stage and also garnered James MacArthur a Most Promising Newcomer award for his performance as Aaron Jablonski.


Camilla Jablonski: Shelley Winters
Lily Brown: Madeleine Sherwood
Cary Brown: Jeffrey Rowland
Deedee Grogan: Eileen Heckart
Schuyler Grogan: Tom Hatcher
Norma Brown: Jane Fonda
Aaron Jablonski: James MacArthur
Tucker Grogan: Richard Derr

Invitation to a March script

Invitation to a March cast list

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