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Nothing may be downloaded from this site for republication in any form without express written permission. The intentional theft of images for unauthorized republication is a despicable and loathesome practice which we will actively discourage with whatever means are available. We now use a digital watermarking system which is invisible to the casual viewer but which can easily be revealed in any graphics program. These watermarks cannot be altered or removed. In addition, anyone downloading and republishing images from this site will also download information embedded within the image which will enable us to track when images are republished on other websites without authorization. This information can and will be used to report this highly unethical activity to the appropriate interested parties, and may result in the offending website's loss of its ISP and server privileges.

We do not place any claim of ownership upon the images or articles contained within this site (excepting those authored by or from the personal collection of James MacArthur and those authored by or from the personal collection of this site's webweaver); they belong to those who hold the legal copyrights.

However, in compliance with the Fair Use Act, we present them here solely for the personal enjoyment of our viewing audience. In the case of stills and other information released specifically for publicity purposes, these are clearly marked with reprint permission for non-profit purposes. Even though, in most cases, the World Wide Web was not in existence at the time of their release, it is a natural extension of the newspapers, magazines, and other publication entities in existence at the time the items were released and to which publication permission was specifically granted. Therefore, within those parameters, permission is implictly granted by those copyright owners to this website. Additionally, in many cases, the original entity entitled to copyright protection has indeed granted specific publication permission to this site; that permission is available for viewing by any legally interested party upon request.

No effort is being made to deprive anyone of his or her livelihood or to disseminate materials which are not already in the public domain. Although we do not own the copyrights to the material (excepting those authored by or from the personal collection of James MacArthur and those authored by or from the personal collection of this site's webweaver), we do make it a strict policy that nothing will ever appear on this site that isn't backed up by a hard copy in our possession. No image will ever be downloaded from another site and presented here without permission, nor will any image ever be presented here without our watermark to help prevent its unauthorized use on another site or sites.

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