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James MacArthur 25 August 1955 Climax! - Deal a Blow (Television)
12 April 1956 The Arthur Murray Party (Television)
17 March 1958 Studio One - Tongues of Angels (Television)
~1959 World in White - Pilot Episode (unaired television series pilot)
2 May 1960 The Play of the Week - The Night of the Auk (Television)
27 April 1961 The Untouchables - Death for Sale (Television)
17 December 1961 Bus Stop - ... And the Pursuit of Evil (Television)
11 December 1962 The Dick Powell Show - The Court Martial of Captain Wycliff (Television)
16 May 1963 Spencer's Mountain - James MacArthur and Henry Fonda Interview James MacArthur
12 October 1963 Arrest and Trial - A Shield is for Hiding Behind (Television)
13 October 1963 Insight - The Sophomore (Television)
29 November 1963 Burke's Law - Who Killed the Kind Doctor? (Television)
24 January 1964 Great Adventure - Rodger Young (Television)
January 1966 Ride Beyond Vengeance/Night of the Tiger (Theatrical Release)
31 January 1966 Twelve O'Clock High - The Outsider (Television)
James MacArthur 23 January 1966 Branded - A Destiny Which Made Us Brothers (Television)
26 March 1966 Gunsmoke - Harvest (Television)
31 January 1967 Combat! - Encounter (Television)
27 October 1967 Hondo - Hondo and the Mad Dog (Television)
17 November 1967 Tarzan - Pride of the Lioness (Television) James MacArthur
3 December 1967 Bonanza - Check Rein (Television)
19 January 1968 Death Valley Days - Spring Rendezvous (Television)
James MacArthur 8 July 1968 Lassiter - Tonight We Make Them Cry (Television)
26 September 1968 Hawaii Five-O - Full Fathom Five (Television)
7 November 1968 Hawaii Five-O - ...And They Painted Daisies on His Coffin (Television)
14 November 1968 Hawaii Five-O - Twenty-Four Karat Kill (Television)
12 December 1968 Hawaii Five-O - By the Numbers (Television)
19 December 1968 Hawaii Five-O - Yesterday Died and Tomorrow Won't Be Born (Television)
James MacArthur 8 January 1969 Hawaii Five-O - King of the Hill (Television)
15 January 1969 Hawaii Five-O - Up Tight (Television)
12 February 1969 Hawaii Five-O - Along Came Joey (Television)
31 December 1969 Hawaii Five-O - Blind Tiger (Television)
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28 January 1970 Hawaii Five-O - The One with the Gun (Television)
11 February 1970 Hawaii Five-O - Most Likely to Murder (Television)
3 October 1972 Hawaii Five-O - Pig in a Blanket (Television)
10 September 1974 Hawaii Five-O - Young Assassins (Television)
12 September 1975 Hawaii Five-O - Murder, Eyes Only (Television) James MacArthur
7 November 1975 Hawaii Five-O - Retire in Sunny Hawaii Forever (Television)
7 November 1977 Battle of the Network Stars III (Television)
18 March 1978 Fantasy Island - Butch and Sundance (Television)
~1979 Why 55? (Public Service Short Film)
5 May 1980 Love Boat - Marriage of Convenience (Television)
8 June 1980 The 34th Annual Tony Awards (Television)
24 January 1981 Fantasy Island - The Warrior (Television)
James MacArthur, Helen Hayes Summer 1982 Fishing Fever (Television)
28 October 1984 Murder, She Wrote - Hooray for Homicide (Television)
27 February 1989 Adventures of Superboy - Birdwoman of the Swamps (Television)
1998 Movie Magic: Snakes in Hollywood (Documentary)
20 October 2001 Entertainment Weekend - Whatever Happened to Your Favorite Stars? (Television)
18-20 April 2003 Dirty Laundry (Stage Play)
11-27 February 2005 Twentieth Century (Stage Play - Co-Director)
11-15 December 2006 TVLand's 100 Greatest TV Quotes and Catchphrases (Television)
"The Cowboy Movie" (a music video)
"Through the Years with James MacArthur" (a music video)
"Happy Birthday, Jim!" (a music video created to commemorate James MacArthur's 70th Birthday)
"NATAS Gold Circle Honors" (a video montage of career highlights)
Charles MacArthur's uncredited cameo appearance in "Crime Without Passion" (1934)
Charles MacArthur's uncredited cameo appearance in "The Scoundrel" (1935)
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