Kam Fong, Jack Lord, Herman Wedemeyer, Al Harrington, Moe Keale, James MacArthur, Harry Endo, and crew members of Hawaii Five-O softball team
The Summer 1972 Hawaii Five-O Softball Team: Back Row (L to R): Kam Fong, Bob Bush (Casting Director), crew member, crew member, crew member, crew member, Jack Lord, crew member, Herman Wedemeyer, Al Harrington, crew member, Dennis Matsuda (Camera Department). Middle Row (L to R): Moe Keale, crew member, Marc Baxley (James MacArthur's stand-in), Dennis Chun (Kam Fong's son), crew member. Front Row (L to R): Frankie Trott (Special Effects), James MacArthur, David Ahuna (crew member), Harry Endo, crew member, crew member, Charlotte (Administrative), crew member. The team played together for three summers, 1972 being their first season. They played charity games against teams fielded by local radio and television stations, civic departments, and local businesses.
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