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Fantasy Island
Butch and Sundance (18 March 1978)

Appearing as Alex Farelli (The Sundance Kid)

Broadcast 18 March 1978 on the ABC television network.

Synopsis by curator@JMDigitalScrapbook.com:

Friends Alex Farelli (James MacArthur) and Bill Cummings (Christopher Connelly), feeling constrained and smothered by their ordered, mundane, suburban lives have come to Fantasy Island to indulge a yen for adventure and excitement. They have chosen to accomplish this by taking up the roles of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

Upon their introduction to the Island and its capabilities, they are equipped with the proper clothing, guns, and horses. Mr. Roarke (Richardo Montalban) indicates that they need only proceed about five miles down the road and they will come upon a 19th century Old West town, complete with bank, saloon, and all the other pertinent accouterments. A little farther down the road they'll find their hideout, already inhabited by the rest of their Hole-in the-Wall gang.

Realizing they would rather have a little experience under their belts before joining with the gang, Butch and Sundance decide to rob the bank before heading off to their hideout. The robbery proceeds without a hitch, and they proudly present themselves to the other three members of the gang with money in their pockets and bravado at full tilt.

Next on the agenda is the theft of a large trunk of money travelling by stagecoach. Although Butch ends up a little worse for wear by the end of this caper, it is nonetheless a success. Elated over their second feat of derring-do, the two friends prepare to head back into town for a well-earned celebration. However, knowing they'll likely have trouble in town due to the recent bank robber, they first make amends by returning the money -- with interest.

Having thus gained the friendship of the entire town, they are lounging in a private upstairs room at the saloon, enjoying expensive liquor, cigars, and the attentions of several buxom women when the town undertaker appears and begins taking their measurements. Asked why he would do such a bizarre thing, he informs them that Marshall Wyatt Earp (William Smith) is in town and gunning for them.

The two dress hastily, intent on a fast getaway, but Earp appears before they can make good their escape. As they descend the saloon stairs, the Marshall challenges them and starts shooting. Realizing he's using real bullets and their lives are genuinely in danger, Butch and Sundance lock themselves in an upstairs room to confer. As Earp draws closer, they hurl themselves out the windows, landing in a conveniently available wagon filled with straw.

The wagon is driven by Mr. Roarke and Tattoo (Herve Villachaize), who steadfastly refuse the pleas of the two men to terminate their fantasy. Realizing they must play out the game as originally planned, the outlaws hide in a barn and try to come up with a way of surviving until it's time to return home.

Spying a box of dynamite, Butch hatches a plan. Skeptical at first, Sundance eventually agrees, and is next seen facing Marshall Earp in a showdown. Hiding in a nearby hearse, Butch lights a stick of dynamite and prepares to leap out just in time to surprise Earp. Unfortunately, the door to the hearse is stuck, and it appears that Sundance is on his own.

At the last second, Butch leaps from the hearse, hurling his dynamite a few feet in front of Earp. In the resulting confusion, Butch and Sundance overpower Earp, take his weapon, and win the day.

A special note for Hawaii Five-O fans: This episode was filmed during the hiatus between the 10th and 11th seasons of Hawaii Five-O, a full year before James MacArthur's decision to leave the series. It is ironic that his character and that of William Smith, who would later replace him on Hawaii Five-O, engage in a shootout during this episode. Perhaps the casting director was clairvoyant? ;)

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Special Note: No, it's not your browser or your monitor; the images presented on this page really are fuzzy. Due to the scarce availability of this program on video, we've had to make do with a less than perfect copy; however, we thought fans unable to view any version of this program would appreciate even low quality images rather than nothing at all. Therefore, we've cleaned up the images as best we can and present them here for your viewing pleasure. If at some future date we are able to acquire a video with better picture quality, we'll update this page with better images.

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James MacArthur, Christopher Connelly

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Christopher Connelly, James MacArthur

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William Smith

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