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James MacArthur Credits (Film)
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James MacArthur
1 February 1957 The Young Stranger (Theatrical Release)
8 July 1958 The Light in the Forest (Theatrical Release)
1 December 1959 Third Man on the Mountain/Banner in the Sky (Theatrical Release)
1 January 1960 Kidnapped! (Theatrical Release)
21 December 1960 Swiss Family Robinson (Theatrical Release) James MacArthur
8 August 1962 The Interns (Theatrical Release)
16 May 1963 Spencer's Mountain (Theatrical Release)
November 1963 Cry of Battle/To Be A Man (Theatrical Release)
James MacArthur
~January 1965 The Bedford Incident (Theatrical Release)
31 March 1965 The Truth About Spring/The Pirates of Spring Cove (Theatrical Release)
16 December 1965 The Battle of the Bulge (Theatrical Release)
January 1966 Ride Beyond Vengeance/Night of the Tiger (Theatrical Release)
James MacArthur
8 January 1967 Mosby's Marauders/Willie and the Yank (Theatrical Release)
26 July 1967 The Love-Ins (Theatrical Release)
31 July 1968 Hang 'Em High (Theatrical Release)
~January 1969 The Angry Breed (Theatrical Release)
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James MacArthur 5 November 1980 Alcatraz: The Whole Shocking Story (Television Movie)
28 February 1983 The Night the Bridge Fell Down (Television Movie)
1997 Hawaii Five-O (Unaired Television Movie)
17 May 1998 Storm Chasers: Revenge of the Twister (Television Movie)

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