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Bus Stop
...And the Pursuit of Evil (17 December 1961)

Appearing as Thomas Quincy Hagan

Broadcast 17 December 1961 on the ABC television network

Synopsis by curator@jmdigitalscrapbook.com:

As the bus travels through the night toward the little town of Sunrise, a car zooms past and overtakes it, arriving at the Bus Stop just before the bus.

Only two passengers get off here: a young man dressed in a neat business suit and an older, unsavory looking character (Crahan Denton) who quickly slinks off toward town.

The driver of the mysterious car, Ted Hannibal (Keenan Wynn), stands to the side and inspects the other two men covertly. He follows the younger man into the diner and watches as he tells Grace Sherwood (Marilyn Maxwell), the diner's owner, that he has come in response to the job opening she had advertised.

His name is Tom Hagan (James MacArthur) and he's desperate for a job. Grace agrees to give him a week's trial as the manager and head mechanic for the service station attached to the diner. Grace's young waitress employee Elma (Joan Freeman) is immediately smitten with Tom and he with her.

Later, after Tom walks Elma home from work, he is assaulted and knocked unconscious while cutting through a dark alleyway. At first, nothing appears to be missing and Sheriff Will Mayberry (Rhodes Reason) is puzzled as to why anyone would attack a newcomer and yet leave him unmolested.

When Tom later discovers his key missing from his pocket and a subsequent visit to his room shows it to have been thoroughly ransacked, the Sheriff's suspicisions are further aroused.

What secret is Tom hiding and is he as unassuming and innocent as he appears? Is the new job the real reason he came to Sunrise? What about Ted Hannibal and the other man from the bus? How do they figure into the mystery?

To view a full gallery of screen captures from this episode click here.

Special Note: No, it's not your browser or your monitor; the images presented on this page really are fuzzy. Due to the scarce availability of this program on video, we've had to make do with a less than perfect copy; however, we thought fans unable to view any version of this program would appreciate even low quality images rather than nothing at all. Therefore, we've cleaned up the images as best we can and present them here for your viewing pleasure. If at some future date we are able to acquire a video with better picture quality, we'll update this page with better images.

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Joan Freeman, Keenan Wynn, James MacArthur

James MacArthur

Joan Freeman, James MacArthur

Joan Freeman, Crahan Denton, James MacArthur

James MacArthur

James MacArthur, Joan Freeman

James MacArthur, Keenan Wynn

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